Telescope and Astronomy accesories renting

We have a long list of telescopes and accesories to hire. Please, choose the ones you wish, prices are quoted per night, plus a single fee for delivery. Furthermore, we offer 100% refund of cloudy nights cost, so you don’t risk for renting and not using. Do not hesitate to ask for further equipment not listed, we may have access to it.

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  • 18" dobson

    Dobsonian Newton 457mm (18″) F4.1 StarGate. Manual pointing

    40,00 per Night
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  • dobson 12"

    Dobsonian Newton 300mm (12″) F4.9 GoTo

    30,00 per Night
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  • APO90 plus EQ5 GoTo mount

    90mm APO refractor plus EQ5 GoTo mount for astrophotography

    24,00 per Night
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  • Dobson 8"

    Dobsonian Newton 200mm (8″) F6 AutoTrack

    20,00 per Night
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  • EQ5-SynScan

    NEQ5 SynScan Mount, GOTO (10kg payload)

    12,00 per Night
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  • EQ6-PRO-II Goto Mount

    NEQ6 PRO II Mount, GOTO (20kg payload)

    15,00 per Night
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Showing all 6 results